Original Portraits Drawn & Painted by Yaryna Yuryk-Novotarska

The amazing portraits drawn and painted by Yaryna Yuryk-Novotarska truly reflect her distinctive style. By combining different styles, textures, and colors, she creates recognizable, unique images that never fail to impress their viewers. Every portrait tells its story and you are invited to interpret it in your own way.

Abstract Portraits Drawn by Yaryna

Yaryna doesn’t adhere to the realist style of painting. Her portraits are abstract, their goal is to show an idea, a concept that is open for interpretation by the viewer. Can you guess what mystery is haunting each of these characters? What are they looking at? Have a closer look and you are sure to find the answers to these questions in your heart because all of her paintings Yaryna creates with her heart and soul.

Through these portraits, artist’s philosophy and worldview shine. Vibrant and muted colors together, merging of cold and warm hues, strong brushstrokes combined with fine and delicate lines seem to contradict each other. However, in the portraits drawn by Yaryna, they make sense and look natural. Much like our world is full of contradictions that make it complete. 

Get a Portrait Painting in Oils or Watercolor for Your Home

If you are looking for ways to make your home’s interior exclusive, adding a few paintings is one of the best decisions. Having just one abstract portrait painting in watercolor or oil is going to add an unusual quirky touch to any room. Portraits drawn by Yaryna will look great as accent pieces both in a minimal and eclectic interior. The immaculate colorwork of the artist will fit in the room that is full of color or will be that pop of color every interior needs. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of the portraits pictures.