Yaryna Yuryk-Novotarska is an independent artist from Ukraine with a distinct, unique style, whose paintings are displayed in many galleries and private collections all over the world. Her art is a way for her to share the joy with the world but it is also a way to capture its fleeting beauty on a canvas. Here you will find Yaryna’s original contemporary paintings for sale.

Contemporary Oil Paintings for Sale Online

Yaryna is a versatile artist that doesn’t restrict herself to a single genre or technique. She equally loves painting with oils, acrylic, or watercolor. What makes her paintings special is the way she combines these techniques in one painting. Learn how she uses texture to add dimension to usually flat graphics art images, how she makes portraits alive with the help of colors and recognizable brushstrokes, and how unusual colorwork transforms the landscapes in these modern paintings for sale online.

Portraits, abstract art, landscapes, and other original contemporary paintings for sale by Yaryna Yuryk-Novotarska will become great focal points in any home, office, or hotel room. The way she combines basic elements in her paintings means that her art will fit in the minimal interiors just as well as in the rooms that are full of color and texture. Check them out and you will surely find a piece that suits your taste.

Find Original Contemporary Paintings for Sale

Yaryna’s art acknowledges the beauty and uniqueness of different techniques, as well as the scenes and the stories she portrays. She never stops creating and never seems to be uninspired. Her secret is that the paintings come to her all the time and she only sets them free on the canvases. If you are interested in purchasing her NFT oil painting, you can do it right here.