Fine Art Landscapes Paintings by Yaryna Yuryk-Novotarska


Yaryna Yuryk-Novotarska creates fine art landscapes paintings that never fail to impress their viewers. This is one of her signature genres, allowing her to capture the joy of the world around her on a canvas. A lot of people find comfort in the images Yaryna portrays, some are totally amazed by her choice of colors, and some are touched by the stories that these canvases tell. Browse through the whole collection and experience the effect of Yaryna’s paintings yourself.

Contemporary Fine Art Landscapes Paintings for Your Interior

When beautiful landscapes oil paintings are introduced in the interior, they can completely change the mood and aesthetics of the place. A peaceful rural scene will help you forget you are in the middle of a noisy city. With Yaryna’s masterful use of colors and their unusual combination, the rural scene is not only peaceful, but it is also absolutely unique. 

Some fine art landscapes paintings can create the effect of having an additional window in a room where you need one. For Yaryna as an artist landscapes paintings are a way to capture the fleeting moments of our life in an absolutely magical way. She creates landscapes that open the window to spectacular colorful worlds with pink skies and blue sand that will inspire everyone. And she invites you to interpret these vibrant worlds the way you feel. Do they make you feel sad or happy, nostalgic or optimistic? Whatever it is, these beautiful landscapes oil paintings always evoke viewers’ emotions.

Find Amazing Landscapes for Sale

Anyone interested in Yaryna Yuryk-Novotarska’s paintings of landscapes for sale can find them here. They will open a new beautiful world of joy, showing you how precious every single moment around us is. If you have any questions or would like to purchase or commission a painting from Yaryna, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.